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    National Brussels Griffon Club of Canada

          CODE OF ETHICS

The National Brussels Griffon Club of Canada, recognizes that its responsible to preserve and protect the Brussels Griffon Breed which rests solely with the breeders and owner enthusiasts, as formatted a Code of Ethics to be adhered to by the members. It further recognizes that membership in the Club automatically obligates individuals to the Code of Ethics. Violation of the Code of Ethics shall be reported to the Board of Directors who shall investigate, including interviews and correspondence both with the complainant and the accused, and, on the basis of that investigation, direct, via registered

mail, the member involved to rectify the situation. 

Responsible Breeding Practices

Each member's breeding program shall strive to conform to the CKC approved Brussels Griffon Breed Standard to improve  progeny and minimize faults.

When planning a breeding program each member will only consider using mature,healthy dams and sires that possess breed type as  set forth in the Standard, and that are temperamentally and physically sound, with no known or suspected serious inheritable defects or diseases as determined by appropriate screening protocols. It is recommended that each sire and dam be screened and certified free from hereditary eye defects and patellar  luxation  prior to breeding. Annual Certification with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) is encouraged for  breeding stock.

No breeder will breed a bitch before her second season or before she is 18 months old, nor shall she be bred after her 6th birthday.

A member/Breeder will be familiar with the CKC Rules governing accurate record keeping, registration, sale, and transfer

of purebred dogs and will abide by those rules. Any warranties or other agreements pertaining to the sale of a Brussels Griffon will be put in writing with a copy to the buyer, seller, and if applicable, to the CKC. The use of CKC Non -breeding  agreements is encouraged in the sale of non breeding stock to pet homes.

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