Avoid Sketchy Painting Contractors AND Save Money

With any home renovation project you decide to jump on, you’re going to get a variety of quotes from different service providers, especially if you have the very good habit of shopping around. For specialized services like electricians or roofers, it’s pretty obvious you should avoid any dramatically low price quotes however many people succumb to this when it comes to residential painting services in Ottawa. We’ve listed our best tips for choosing the right painting company so you can find the right balance between price and saving time / avoiding a headache.

One of the best ways to filter out unprofessional painters, other than the way they conduct themselves, is to request proof of commercial liability insurance. This is a small detail that an inexperienced painter will not have invested in this which can cost you if there is an accident while they provide painting services on your property. Liability insurance essentially protects you from legal issues should a painter fall off a ladder, burn themselves, or hurt them in any way. Failure to check off this small box can cost you big since it leaves the door open for them to sue you should they wish. You might think this is a small detail that won’t effect you especially if your having the interior of a hallway or small bedroom painted but it can lead to a nightmare scenario down the road.

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Another easy way to vet any house painter in Ottawa you are considering hiring is to ask for references and look for examples of successfully completed projects. A random nobody without a brand, or proper track record off Kijiji will always be cheaper, however it will definitely show up when it comes to the finished product. An experienced painting company knows how many coats are needed for your investment to last, have experience with difficult or awkward painting angles. Fly by night operators just want to get the job done and move on to the next one, so expect lots of corners cut and a generally rushed experience.

Keep your eye on our blog as we’ll be releasing more painting and renovation themed posts in the coming weeks. We’re confident you’ll enjoy this content, especially if you’re considering undertaking some projects on your own for experience and money saving awesomeness :)

Don’t Ignore These Kitchen Renovation Basics

For people in Ottawa that love entertaining, their living room and kitchen are two of the most important places that come to mind, especially if there is a renovation budget. Luckily, these are two of the easiest places to invest money in and see a return – both when it comes to asthetic beauty, functionality, and increased property values. However, as we always say here at NBGCC, the devil is in the details and choosing the wrong contractor, design, and even fixtures can be the difference between a kitchen that looks like a dream and one that looks like a miserable failure.

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One of the easiest places to put your money for the maximum return during a kitchen renovation is the paint and the countertop material. Painting can be done over a weekend, either by yourself or a local painting contractor, but if done properly – will really bring out your other additions whether that be fixtures, back splashes or even cabinets. When it comes to the actual countertops, that is a multi-faceted aspect of your renovation and requires a bit more explanation

Kitchen Countertop Materials To Choose From

Choosing the right material for your countertop prior to installation can make all the difference and is crucial whether you are installing them for your own purpose or just trying to pad the stats for when you sell your home. Natural stone is clearly the most popular, however at times there are small considerations that if overlooked can end up costing you big bucks and creating a headache for you and your family or spouse.

Try to educate yourself on the durability of each type of stone and find a good fit for your specific purposes. For example if your family is big on cooking and loves wine, definitely consider these natural stone varieties of quartz countertops – they are well known for standing up to tough kitchen messes and being stain resistant, whereas granite and other lighter coloured materials will not last long before showing the wear and tear.

On the other hand, if you find yourself installing these purely for aesthetic purposes, you may consider butcher block or stainless steel for a more contemporary look. These have become popular in recent years mainly due to their ability to match any other design scheme – especially unique fixtures and cabinet designs. Ideally you can even find a contractor that offers fast and free installation and get the job done over a weekend for minimal disruption.

Ultimately, educate yourself, make the right choices and you can have one of those really awesome looking kitchens from design blogs and magazines.  Surely something you, your family, or a future homeowner would definitely appreciate.…